Chris’s Automobile detailing uses the industries best products to wash and wax your beautiful car. Maguire’s wax, Techshield Express. Your car wash deserves the clear coat polish shine to impress.

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If your car has more dust on it than an antique store, it’s time to give it a rinse already. We’ll clean everything from the bumpers to the rims, and everything in between. We won’t neglect the interior either; our vacuum-wielding staff will leave it spotless and fast-food wrapper free. From clunkers to classics, our expert team of car washers can take the saddest looking car and transform it into a sweet looking street machine. Come down today and treat your car to some good, clean fun.

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Here at CHRIS DETAIL, we take pride in providing the best services and satisfying our customer needs. We specialize in auto detailing, car wash, truck detailing, complete detailing, exterior wash, interior wash, buffing, polishing, car detailing, paint correction, mobile auto detailing and much more. We look forward to your business and serving you.

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I purchased my car July of this Year (2015), brand new and it had been washed 3 times since purchased by supposely professional detailed shops and then I began to see a whole lot of scratches over the entire vehicle. Chris Detailing was recommended to me and that was the best thing that could have happened. I drove about an hour and a half for the services and it was well worth it. I received wash, wax, buffing, inside detailing and I am absolutely a happy customer. If you have scratches on your vehicle and want them buffed out or just need a good car wash and inside cleaning, Chris is the guy. He does what he say he will do, plus some. You can tell he loves what he do. I will defintely be making that hour and half drive for my car cleaning sevices. Chris makes your car look like it was just driven off the show room floor! Plus, Chris makes you feel like you’ve known his all your life. I Love Chris Detailing!

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